U.S. delivers two boats for the fight against drug trafficking

The United States Government, as an example of its commitment to the international fight against drug trafficking, delivered today, December 11, two patrol boats to the National Navy of El Salvador. This delivery, made through the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), includes two vessels refitted and equipped for counter-narcotics operations, strengthening El Salvador’s capacity to combat drug trafficking in the region.

U.S. Ambassador William H. Duncan and the Minister of Defense, Vice Admiral René Francis Merino Monroy, presided over the event. “We commend the Salvadoran government and the Navy for their commitment to deterring illegal trafficking and recognize their success in this mission. I look forward to our continued close teamwork in the coming years, so that together we can make our countries safer and more prosperous nations for all,” said the Ambassador.

For his part, Minister Merino emphasized how these tools help to maintain security in the country and the region. “The two vessels will add to the work of the national navy in the fight against drug trafficking. We have had good results in recent years in the fight against drug trafficking, we are the only ones from Panama to Mexico that make seizures at that distance.

The United States, through INL, has provided more than $1.1 million in specialized training, tactical equipment, and infrastructure improvements at the Costa del Sol, Isla Meanguera, and Puerto El Triunfo bases in support of the fight against drug trafficking for citizen security.