U.S. and El Salvador celebrate their friendship through school revitalization

Appropriately, a school named “United States of America” in La Libertad was the backdrop for the first annual United States-El Salvador Friendship Day celebration on June 15. The school was built in 1963 with the help of the United States government through its Alliance for Prosperity Initiative.

As part of the celebration, more than 50 volunteers from the U.S. Embassy and Glasswing International worked hand-in-hand to revitalize different areas of the school which befits around 700 students from kindergarten to ninth grade. The revitalization efforts included giving the school a fresh coat of paint, creating artistic murals, and beautifying the grounds through gardening.  

U.S. Olympic Medalists Dan Beery and Rebeka Rarba, as well as Robi Power from the American Organization 300, also participated in the revitalization and gave motivational talks to the students about their experiences and how — through work and dedication — it is possible to overcome challenges and reach your dreams.

This community service activity was part of the Youth and Community Development Program (YCDP) sponsored by USAID and Glasswing International. The YCDP benefits more than 113,000 children and young people in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America. U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Mark C. Johnson, Glasswing International Cofounder and Vice President of Programs, Celina de Sola and the Principal of the United States of America School, Tomás Cabrera presided over this community service initiative.