U.S. Embassy Congratulates 111 Graduating Police Officers

On September 20, 17 women and 94 men of the National Civilian Police (PNC) graduated from a new program offered by a Specialized Institute in the National Academy of Public Security (IES-ANSP) with technical degrees in Police Science.  This police program recognizes the importance of strengthening the capabilities of the PNC as a requirement to fulfill their constitutional mission to protect people and property, preventing and reducing violent crime, and ensuring respect for human rights. This program offered by the IES-ANSP is oriented to police services that include the philosophy of Community Policing, a new police model that allows coherent integration of crime prevention and repression actions. This new philosophy believed that police duty goes beyond the fight against crime,  and adopts a community service approach that guarantees the safety and protection of people, while promoting social welfare, economic development and democracy.

The U.S. Embassy congratulates the men and women who graduated today. U.S. Ambassador Jean Manes commented that this first graduating class represents a step forward in strengthening the El Salvador’s police force.