U.S. Embassy makes a Donation to the Migration Office

US Embassy makes a donation to the Migration OfficeThe US Embassy in San Salvador presented a donation of equipment to the General Directorate of Migration and Foreign Affairs of El Salvador (DGME by its acronym in Spanish). The donation will help streamline and improve the registration and control of documents, the documentation of investigations and the monitoring of immigration offenses.

The equipment includes fingerprint and passports readers, electronic signatures plates, photographic equipment and tools to identify fraudulent documents. This equipment will be distributed in branches of the DGME in airports and borders crossings.

“We reiterate our commitment as an institution, to make good use of this equipment. At the same time, we emphasize that all the actions of this institution, in cooperation with the Embassy, are aimed at transparency and avoiding any possibility of corruption and illegal entry into the United States,” said the DGME Deputy Director General Cristina Rivas Lowy.

“We appreciate the support of this institution in helping us identify fraudulent documents and smugglers. We hope this equipment will help strengthen your capabilities,” said the Embassy representative.