The U.S. Embassy does not certify or validate Immigration Consultants in El Salvador

Due to recent news reports in which “asesorias” (visa consultants) have been portrayed as having the certification and/or validation of the U.S. Embassy, we want to clarify that the U.S. Embassy does not make any assessments with respect to the expertise or usefulness of any asesorias in El Salvador nor does the Embassy have any special relationship with any asesoria in particular.  The U.S. Department of State makes every effort to ensure that visa instructions are clear and the application process is straightforward, most applicants should be able to complete their visa applications without the aid of consultants.

 Several years ago, some consultants attended publicly available information sessions provided by the Embassy on the visa application process.  Attendance at these sessions does not mean that we endorse any agency in particular.

Prospective visa applicants can access information provided directly through the Embassy to assist them in completing a visa application.  The Embassy has a Visa Information Center, a free service for visa applicants applying for tourist, work, student or immigrant visas to the United States.  The Visa Information Center can help guide applicants through the visa application process and assist in scheduling their interview. 

The Visa Information Center can be reached toll-free at 2113-3122. Information is available in English or Spanish.  Additionally, visa applicants can visit our website ( to find additional information regarding the issuance of visas.  The information that is provided free of charge should be sufficient for most applicants to complete their visa application without the need for any paid consultation services.