U.S. Embassy San Salvador Commemorates Veterans Day

U.S. Embassy San Salvador Commemorates Veterans Day (Photo by Juan Quintero)

On November 11, U.S. Embassy San Salvador was closed in commemoration of Veterans Day, out of respect for, and in recognition of, the contributions our service members have made to the cause of peace and freedom around the world.  

In a ceremony on the Embassy grounds, attended by members of American Legion Post ES-01and other men and women who have served, Deputy Chief of Mission Mark Johnson said, “Veterans are some of the most well respected and cherished members of our society and for good reason. They have trained, fought and sometimes, all too often, given that last true measure of devotion to defend us and our country from those who would see us wiped from history.  It is no small thing that we gather each year in commemoration of those we’ve lost, those who served in uniform, and those who continue to sacrifice on our behalf. The true mark of a patriot is selfless devotion to a cause larger than one’s own desires; heeding a call to protect the vulnerable and precious ideals of liberty and justice that are the cornerstones of our democracy.”