U.S. Government Donation for AGAPE Health Clinics in Sonsonate

U.S. Government Donation for AGAPE Health Clinics in Sonsonate

The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Schools and Hospitals Abroad  (USAID/ASHA), together with Outreach Aid to the Americas (OAA) and AGAPE, announced a $390,793 donation from USAID to provide medical equipment and training for AGAPE’s  San Francisco de Asis medical center in Sonzacate that will benefit over 114,000 people.

The event was presided over by the U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Jean Manes, Ramon Alberto Vega, Executive Director, AGAPE, Maricarmen Estrada, Representative of Outreach Aid to the Americas, and David Gosney, USAID El Salvador Director.

The medical equipment includes respiratory therapy nebulizers, healing carts, sterilizers, stethoscopes, automated blood chemistry equipment, ultrasounds, microscopes, ophthalmologic surgery instruments, small surgery sets, among others. The equipment will be incorporated into six AGAPE health care clinics/programs: San Francisco de Asís Clinic, the Visual Care Clinic, the Physiotherapy Clinic, the Specialty Clinic; the  Hogar Paz y Bien Clinic (for the elderly), and AGAPE’s Visual Health Care Community Program in rural areas.

Another important component of the project is training for AGAPE health staff to improve the overall provision of health care services, by using technology (the equipment provided). The training will include the operation, use, and appropriate maintenance of the medical equipment. Additionally, the project will train key AGAPE staff in gender issues, mainly gender equality and female empowerment. This training will strengthen the capacity of 100 of AGAPE’s personnel to advance the inclusion of women in their community, help reduce gender disparities, gender-based violence, and increase the capabilities of women to realize their rights, determine their life outcomes, and influence decision-making.

“AGAPE thanks the people and Government of the United States, which through its main agency for international development, USAID, promotes these types of initiatives for the benefit and improvement of the quality of life of Salvadorans,” said Alberto Vega, AGAPE Executive Director.

In her remarks, the Charge d’ Affaires Jean Manes spoke on the legacy left by Father Flavian Mucci, the founder of Agape, who recently passed away. “ I can’t think of a better way to honor Father Mucci’s memory than to continue to work together to improve the health and well being of all Salvadorans.”

The program will be implemented by Outreach Aid to the Americas, Inc. (OAA). OAA is a faith-based, non-profit organization founded in the United States in 1994. OAA’s mission is to support vulnerable communities in the Americas through humanitarian assistance, community development, and human rights advocacy.

The AGAPEAssociation of El Salvador is a Salvadoran non-profit organization, which since 1978 works to improve the quality of life of the neediest people, through various social programs, to bring education, health, food security, improvement of the environment, social assistance, and promotion of values. Its programs are sustained through the association’s own productive activities, and with the support of various national and international institutions.