U.S. Grants Scholarships to Salvadoran Professionals

The U.S. Government, through the Embassy’s public affairs office, will grant six scholarships for Salvadoran professionals to pursue their master’s degrees at universities in this North American country.  The U.S. will invest more than 800 thousand dollars in the specialization programs that will last between two and three years.

Verónica Fuentes, Claudia Calderón, Raúl Díaz, Gabriela Andrade and Gerardo Moreno were selected to participate in the Fulbright Master’s Program. Verónica Fuentes will study a master’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology at Loyola University, Chicago. Claudia Calderon will specialize in English language teaching at Montclair State University.  Gerardo Moreno will have the opportunity to study computer science at San Jose State University and Gabriela Andrade will pursue her master’s degree in seismology at the University of Utah.

“The facilities that exist in countries like the United States open the door for us both culturally and scientifically.  We can carry out research that will be of benefit not only for the country (United States), but also for El Salvador,” commented Raúl Díaz, who in August of this year will begin his studies in chemistry at VirginiaTech University.

Allison Palacios is the sixth person to receive a scholarship in the United States this year. She will have the opportunity to participate in the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, a ten-month program that combines graduate-level academic courses with professional development opportunities. She will deepen her knowledge of thriving communities with a focus on children with learning disabilities at Vanderbilt University.  “I am very happy to know that we have friendly countries like the United States that give us these opportunities not only to represent the country and universities, but to be able to show the world the capabilities that we young Salvadorans have,” said Palacios.

Since 1952, hundreds of Salvadorans have taken advantage of these scholarships and have specialized in subjects of interest to the country. In these 71 years, 874 Salvadorans have won the Fulbright scholarship and 41 the Hubert H. Humphrey scholarship. The scholarships cover the full cost of study and living expenses of the students. 

“Every year that we send new scholars to their study programs is an opportunity for all Salvadorans. When they return they have a new vision and ideas that they put into practice within their specialties and therefore in their communities,” said a U.S. Embassy official.