U.S. Officials Reiterated Dangers of Undocumented Trip to U.S.

US officials reiterated dangers of undocumented trip to USU.S. officials made visits to El Salvador to reiterate the dangers of traveling to the United States irregularly

On two separate visits, officials from the Department of Homeland Security (ICE), visited El Salvador to meet with government officials, business representatives and observe first-hand the efforts of El Salvador to receive migrants repatriated.

During her visit to El Salvador, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement from ICE, Sarah Saldana, assured that the immigration laws of the U.S. have not changed and warned that the deportation of migrants entering without documents will continue. “They have lost time, lost money, lost peace in their countries and some may even lose their lives,” Saldana said when warning Salvadorans to not try to achieve the “American Dream” illegally.

US officials reiterated dangers of undocumented trip to USMeanwhile, the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection US R. Gil Kerlikowske, expressed concern about the increase of Salvadoran children who venture regardless of the dangers to reach that North American country. “The trip to the United States illegally is very dangerous, they can suffer, may face problems when facing the weather, rain; they can also be victims of criminals, even if they cross the border into the United States there is no permission to be there and have to face the immigration courts, “he said.

During their visits, the officials met with representatives from government and the private sector. Also they had the opportunity to see the work that the government of El Salvador is doing to address the problem of irregular migration at the Center for Migrants in La Chacra, where Salvadorans who have been repatriated receive support services to return to their country. The tour included the countries of the Northern Triangle.