U.S. and UK Embassies join forces in cleanup campaign

In honor of World Environment Day, U.S. Ambassador Jean Elizabeth Manes along with British Ambassador Bernhard Garside, accompanied by volunteersfrom both diplomatic Missions together diving school El Salvador Divers and Tourist Police (POLITUR) joined forces in a clean-up of Lake Ilopango.. 

“We are doing this activity to preserve the environment, but more than that, we want Salvadorans to be able to enjoy this place, to be able to feel that they can arrive to a safe, clean place enjoy it with their families,” commented the  Ambassador, who attended to the activity with her husband and daughters.

For his part, British Ambassador Garside, who participated with his wife and a group of divers,  collected trash from the bottom of the lake, expressed his regret at the contamination,  but also his desire of raise awareness to the population about the high level of pollution that Salvadorans generate and its consequences: “The amount of plastic is worrying because the garbage is something that contaminates water and water contaminates fish and people eat the fish. Then, we are indirectly eating our own garbage”.

With this joint clean-up effort, the group sought to raise awareness about the importance of caring the environment and demonstrate that if people work together with genuine friendship and unity it is possible to do great things for the country, including saving an entire ecosystem.

The diplomats led more than 40 people who began collecting garbage early in the morning,  both in the water and on the shores of the lake. Throughout the day, more than 50 bags of inorganic material was collected.