United States and El Salvador celebrate Thanksgiving

The U.S. Ambassador, Jean Manes, carried out activities throughout the week in commemoration of Thanksgiving. The celebration began on November 20 with a thank-you dinner for 100 Salvadorans who are helping people in their communities in areas such as education, security, economic development, environment, among others.

Jean Manes said that Thanksgiving is his favorite celebration because “it gives us the opportunity to focus on the good of the year. It is time to stop seeing the challenges that lie ahead and express our gratitude for what we have already achieved.”

As part of the gratitude to Salvadorans who are working for the safety of El Salvador, Ambassador Manes offered a lunch for 370 agents, sergeants and corporals from Lourdes, Sonsonate, Soyapango, San Miguel, Usulután, Santa Ana, Zacatecoluca, La Paz and San Salvador of the National Civilian Police (PNC), police personnel whom she described as “heroes of El Salvador”. About 30 young people who study culinary arts at the ITCA-FEPADE Engineering Specialization School and are part of the Higher Education for Economic Growth Project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) participated in the lunch.