USAID and San Miguel Municipality Promote Revitalization of Historic Downtown Center

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the San Miguel Municipality announced that they will develop a strategic plan for the revitalization of San Miguel’s Historic Downtown Center, to conduct an urban renewal process that will enhance security and social and economic development within the municipality to help reduce illegal migration.

The Mayor of San Miguel, Miguel Pereira, and USAID El Salvador Director, David Gosney, made the official announcement and stressed the importance of this partnership for achieving the plan’s goals.

Mayor Miguel Pereira said that a great dream is beginning to materialize for his constituents, with whom he made a big commitment. “During the last five years, San Miguel has been developing like never before, we have invested in people and projects throughout the city and we know that the recovery and reorganization of the historic center will be a legacy that will bring progress, without losing our roots. I want to thank USAID for once again offering us their important support, ” he said.

Meanwhile, USAID Director David Gosney said: “With this plan for San Miguel, USAID’s commitment remains to work for the progress of the municipality, generate opportunities and have safer communities, so that Salvadorans feel that they can create a good life here, in their country.”

At a technical level, the strategic plan for the revitalization of the Historic Center of San Miguel will be formulated within a period of seven months, during this time a proposal for the restoration of Parque Barrios and relocation of vendors to a municipal space will be developed. The plan will also include restoring municipal buildings of patrimonial value, proposing urban renewal and mobility improvement initiatives, and developing regulations for public space use. This will help create a vibrant Historic Center to attract investment and promote a harmonious coexistence of citizens and visitors.

The development of this plan will be possible thanks to the support from USAID, through the USAID Municipal Governance Project, which additionally supports the Municipality of San Miguel, as well as other municipalities, in improving the provision of services, strengthening institutional capacities, and coordinating COVID-19 prevention actions.