Visit of Ambassador William H Duncan to La Union

The United States Government through its embassy in the country in conjunction with the United States Southern Command, conducted a medical clinic in Conchagua, La Union, where several thousand dollars have been invested in the construction and equipping of the municipal clinic.

A total of $62,418 dollars in furniture, medical equipment and medicines were donated by the humanitarian assistance program of the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), for a medical clinic in the municipal clinic of Conchagua in La Union, where more than 250 inhabitants of the municipality and surrounding communities were present.

The U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador, William Duncan, verified the care provided at the clinic and took the opportunity to visit the Trident Naval Task Force station, a team that, thanks to the support of the U.S. Government, guards the Salvadoran coast and fights international drug trafficking. During his visit, the Ambassador gave an acknowledgement to congratulate their successful seizures and their progress in the fight against drug trafficking in the region.

In 2022, the U.S. government invested close to one million dollars in materials to build the Conchagua clinic; while the embassy supports the Trident Naval Task Force in the fight against drug trafficking with equipment and training.