Youth graduates thanks to ¡Supérate! Program

Twenty young students from Soyapango, Apopa, Cuscatancingo, Ciudad Delgado, and Ilopango received diplomas in English, Computer Science, and Ethics as part of a program called “¡Supérate! Center Raíces Foundation.”  ¡Supérate! is a parallel program that complements the students’ high-school level public education courses.

Under the motto “Transforming Lives through Education”, ¡Supérate! is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and was born out of an Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in 2004.  It is also sponsored by Salvadoran enterprises and foundations which are committed with economic and social development in the country.

The graduation ceremony was conducted by the Raíces Foundation President, Alfredo Cristiani, and was attended by U.S Ambassador Jean Manes; President and Founder of ¡Supérate! Ricardo Sagrera B.; Microsoft General Manager Gracia Rossi; and, Executive Director of ¡Supérate! Sofía Urbina.

With this diploma, the graduating youth are internationally certified in English (TOEIC) and Computer studies (Microsoft Office Specialist), which will allow them to stand out in the job market and support El Salvador’s ability to develop socially and economically. It also ingrained in the students the values of integrity, leadership, improvement and solidarity.

Through its 10 Centers in the Central American region, ¡Supérate! graduated more than 380 young people in 2016 alone,  and nearly 2,000 students will have graduated since the program begin in 2007.